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Things to Consider When Using a Trigger Sprayer The entire trigger sprayer system consists of 12 components. Many of these components can be made from a variety of materials, depending on your product needs. It is important to review each of these components to ensure a better product is selected for your product. Read on for more details on some of the things to consider when choosing a Mini Trigger Sprayer. 1. Your Product & Output The first consideration is to identify what type of product you will be dispensing with the trigger sprayer. Certain ingredients are only compatible with specific materials for components such as the ball, dip tube, etc. Based on your product, you will also need to determine what output you need from the sprayer. The output typically ranges from 0.7cc to 1.6cc. 2. Understanding the Filling Process You will need to be familiar with the filling process used for your product to make the best choices. Whether you are using a manual or automatic filling line, there are different specifications you will need to follow. 3. Considering the Dip Tube The dip tube is an important component of the trigger sprayer that should not be overlooked. Depending on the bottle size you're using, you'll need to tailor the length of the dip tube. In addition, you will also need to consider how rigid you need the dip tube to be and select a material that matches your needs. 4. What Nozzle To Use? The nozzle is a big feature when it comes to the consumer experience. This gives the consumer control over how the product will dispense. There are several options with the nozzle. You can give the consumer the option of a nozzle that allows your product to spray, stream, mist or have it in an off position, or choose a nozzle that simply twists open. 5. Sustainable Materials Trigger sprayers are made from a variety of materials. If choosing a more sustainable trigger sprayer is important to you, then consider using PCR for some of the materials for multiple components, such as shields, closures, and triggers. 6. What neck finish to use? You will need to choose a neck finish that is compatible with your bottle and product. Typical cleaning products usually come in bottles with a 28-400 or 28-410 finish. If you have harsher chemicals, such as lawn pesticides, you might consider a ratchet finish to keep Wholesale Plastic Caps and sprayers from loosening from the bottle. There is also an option for a trigger sprayer. These only work with very specific bottles and can be difficult to remove, so they're a good option for products that should be especially kept out of children's hands.
Applications and Benefits of Mini Trigger Sprayer Mini trigger sprayers were originally used as spray pumps to allow a variety of commercial and household liquid products to be distributed to households through retail outlets. Trigger sprayers are usually made from a variety of plastics and can be used with both water-based and chemical-based liquids. The trigger sprayer attaches to a compatible spray bottle and dispenses the contents when the consumer squeezes the pump handle on the trigger. The Uses of Trigger Sprayers Feminine use of spray trigger cleaning household cleaners is a common use of trigger sprayers. The most common use of mini trigger sprayers is in household cleaning products such as disinfectants, and floor and surface cleaners. This has been especially true over the past year due to the epidemic pandemic. A significant increase in demand for trigger sprayers for disinfectants and cleaning products. The Benefits of Trigger Sprayers One of the major benefits of using trigger sprayers is the ability to control the amount of the content that is dispensed. The nozzle can be adjusted to create a fine spray or jet stream for dispensing liquids. Another benefit is trigger sprayers come in a variety of nozzles colors and sizes. This makes it easier for the consumer to easily identify different products. As a professional China Spray Bottle Factory, Yuyao Sky provides customers with high-quality products. For more product information, please click on our official website.
What Does PET In PET Container Jar Refer To? In our daily life, many cosmetics use PET container jar, so do you know what material PET is? Why choose PET material? There is polyethylene terephthalate in PET, which is the most important variety of thermoplastic polyester, referred to as PET or PEIT (hereinafter referred to as PET), commonly known as polyester resin. It is a polycondensate of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol, and together with PBT, it is collectively referred to as thermoplastic polyester, or saturated polyester. PET is divided into fiber-grade polyester chips and non-fiber-grade polyester chips. ① Fiber-grade polyester is used to manufacture polyester staple fibers and polyester filaments and is the raw material for polyester fiber enterprises to process fibers and related products. Polyester is the most productive variety of chemical fibers. ②Non-fiber polyester is also used for bottles, films, etc., and is widely used in the packaging industry, electronic appliances, medical and health, construction, automobiles, and other fields. Among them, the packaging is the largest non-fiber application market for polyester, and it is also the fastest growing PET market. fast field. advantage: 1. It has good mechanical properties, the impact strength is 3 to 5 times that of other films, and the folding resistance is good.2. Oil resistance, fat resistance, dilute acid, dilute alkali, and most solvents.3. The heat resistance of pure PET is not high, and the heat distortion temperature is only about 85 ℃, but it is greatly improved after strengthening treatment. The mechanical properties of PET reinforced with glass fiber are similar to those of engineering plastics such as PC and PA, and the thermal deformation temperature can reach 225 °C; Toughness; PET is not easy to burn, the flame is yellow, and the burning oil drips.4. The permeability of gas and water vapor is low, and it has excellent gas barrier, water, oil, and odor properties.5. High transparency, can block ultraviolet rays and have good gloss.6. Non-toxic, tasteless, good hygiene and safety, can be directly used for food packaging. So do you know PET material through this article? If you want to know more, please keep following us, we are a professional plastic packaging bottle manufacturer!
A Brief Introduction To Cosmetic Airless Bottle Cosmetic airless bottle refers to a container that can isolate the gas from the external temperature or a container that isolates external bacteria. Its contents can be completely isolated from the air, preventing the product from being oxidized and deteriorating due to contact with air, breeding bacteria, and improving the product grade with its high-tech concept. The vacuum bottle commonly used in the market is composed of a cylinder in an ellipsoid container and a piston placed at the bottom. Its design principle is to use the contraction force of the spring to prevent air from entering the bottle to create a vacuum state, and to use atmospheric pressure to push the piston at the bottom of the bottle forward. However, since the spring force and atmospheric pressure cannot give enough force, the piston cannot be attached too tightly to the bottle wall, otherwise, the piston will not be able to rise and move forward due to excessive resistance; on the contrary, if the piston is to be easy to move forward and material leakage is likely to occur, Therefore, the vacuum bottle has very high requirements for the professionalism of the manufacturer.         Vacuum packaging technology is a new concept with absolute advantages. This packaging technology has helped many new brands and new formulations go to market. Once the vacuum package is assembled, from the self-filling package to consumer use, little or no air can enter the container and contaminate or decompose the contents. This is the advantage of vacuum packaging - it provides a safe empty container for the product, avoiding contact with air, reducing the possibility of changes and oxidation, especially for delicate natural ingredients that need to be protected, and avoiding adding preservatives. Among the calls, vacuum packaging is even more important for extending the shelf life of products.         The products of vacuum packaging are different from the common standard pump or spray pump of straw type. Vacuum packaging uses the principle of separating the inner cavity to squeeze the contents out. As the inner diaphragm moves up into the interior of the bottle, pressure builds up and the contents are in a nearly 100% vacuum state. Another vacuum method is to use a vacuum soft bag, which is placed inside a rigid container. The concept of the two is almost the same. The widespread use of the former is an important selling point for brands because it consumes fewer resources and can also be identified as "green".         Vacuum packaging also provides precise dosage control. When the discharge hole and specific vacuum pressure are set, no matter what the shape of the matching indenter is, each dosage is accurate and quantitative. Therefore, the dosage can be adjusted by changing a certain part, from a few microliters or a few milliliters, according to the needs of the product. Product preservation and hygiene are the key values ​​of vacuum packaging. Once the contents are taken out, there is no way to put them back into the original vacuum packaging. Since the design principle is to ensure that every user is fresh, safe, and worry-free, the internal mechanism of our products has no doubt that the spring will rust or contaminate the contents.        The packaging styles of vacuum bottles are different, and each customer's preferences are different. Customers can choose the corresponding vacuum bottle style according to the consumption level of brand positioning and the crowd. For any product needs, please contact our Triggers & Sprayers Manufacturers!